The Ultimate Gift Guide for Affordable Family Gifts

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Affordable Family Gifts

Buying gifts for every member of a family when visiting relatives can get really pricey, really fast. Moreover, you can’t even brush the expenses off as a good investment (think family bonding or consolidating friendships) because you will never know 100% if the receivers actually enjoyed their gift. Luckily, there is an escape hatch out of a situation like this, and that is a gift for the entire family. Besides, who says everyone needs a gift of their own?

In this article, we will be focusing on affordable presents that the whole family can enjoy. If you plan on buying separate gifts for the whole family, you can check the linked article for all kind of ideas from gifts for him, her, the parents, confirmation, first birthday, and so on.

Puzzles and Board Games

There are many types of puzzles and board games that you can play with the whole family. From simpler games like monopoly and snakes and ladders to complex ones like chess, there is literally a game for every type of person.

These indoor games can be very addictive and therefore, are not only good gifts, but do a good job of bringing the family together. They are also beneficial to the youngsters because they help them build problem-solving as well as cognitive skills, which are quite important in day-to-day life.   


Well, this is not a new idea but due to their importance, books are worth considering as gifts for the family. Moreover, they are a cheap and nice way of covering the necessities of an entire family. A small gift that can pack a lot of sentimental value, especially if you also leave a heartfelt message on the front page.

If you opt for books, it is vital to buy them according to their ages. Children below 7 years of age are usually interested in colorful pictures and thus, they would be better off reading picture books or graphic novels for children. Kids in the age bracket of 8-12 need simple story books but teenagers can manage novels.

As for the parents, surprise them with contemporary artists, maybe even some poetry. Personal development books are now a trend. You can also buy old books if you know the receivers have a taste for antiquities.

Video Game Console

A family that plays together stays together. A gamer cannot stay for long without practicing his/her gaming skills on others. Therefore, if you have a gamer in the house, you can get a PlayStation or an Xbox and let the others be taught through experience. A fun way to enjoy console gaming is to create tournaments while playing games such as NBA, NFS or FIFA to compete against each other.

Because of the competitive nature of console games, consoles tend to bring the family together just like puzzles do. However, a little bit of training might be required beforehand but once done, good luck beating your kid in a car race.

While a console is not quite affordable, you can hunt for offers, buy it on Black Friday or on be on the lookout for stores that are having clearances. Moreover, you can always buy a resealed item because it’s not the shiny exterior that counts, but rather the unique family memories they will make while using it.


This gift is more a family within a family one. It could be a holiday tour, a camping expedition or even a single day outing to the amusement park. The type of trip mostly depends on your finances as well as what your family wants.

However, if you like to try out new stuff, why not? Head to the woods during summer, feel at one with nature for a few weeks then live to tell the tale. A trip can be an affordable endeavor even for a whole family if it’s planned the right way. Choose to spend the night in a tent and eat fresh food cooked over a campfire. Such a memory will remain in the hearts of all the family members much longer than an expensive gift.

Tickets to Things They Love and Can Do as a Family

Most people only take their partners to the movies. Well, when the movie’s PG rating is higher than your kids’ ages, this makes sense. However, if there is a new animation flick showing in cinemas and your kids have been crazy about the trailer, why not surprise them with movie tickets for a Saturday night.

You can find a lot of good deals for such activities, a lot of cinemas offering family packs at discounted prices.

Alternatively, if they love sports, you can take them to watch the weekend game. Whether its football, baseball or basketball, there is nothing that will thrill them more than watching their favorite team play live.  


These are some of the best gift guides to consider when thinking of your family. Of course, there are other ones, but the choice should depend entirely on what you think they need most and what they like most. Alternatively, instead of buying a gift to be used by the whole family, you can get personalized gifts for each and every person if you can afford to do so.



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