Two Must Have Systems to Organize Your Time & Actually Enjoy Life!

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Do you need to organize your life? Maybe if you had just a BIT more organization you could enjoy life better? If you said yes, READ THIS POST!

Two Must Have Systems to Organize Your Time & Actually Enjoy Life!

We’ve all been there sitting at a red light with screaming kids in the backseat of the car, trying to ignore them as the light turns green.

Or so super busy rushing through our day, as if it didn’t even happen, while we try to avoid the chaos in the background by scrolling through social media feeds.

Then we rush through the drive thru to get dinner, crash land in bed exhausted, and think to ourselves, “I have to do this again tomorrow, Yikes!

Get ready cause if this is you, then your day as you know it is about to change for the better.

I’m going to teach you all about the two systems to use so you can get the most out of everyday to actually enjoy the life you have!

First of all you’ve got to get to the root of all this chaos, how by understanding why you’re so busy in the first place.

Are you keeping yourself busy to avoid something you don’t want to face or do? Are you busy because you have no Idea what to do with your day so you let others plan it for you?

Are you busy just because you think there’s no other way?

If you answered yes to any of these then this is for you.

Have you ever intentionally started your day in reverse? Here are three simple steps on how to do just that:

  1. The night before you go to bed write out your plan for the next day.
    {This doesn’t have to be fancy any old notebook will do & make sure to
    plan some time with you even if it’s only 5 minutes} this plan will include;
    your appointments, cleaning, meal planning, balancing the budget, etc.
  2. Look at your plan and see which things you can do tonight to make tomorrow better.
    {For example: put breakfast bowls on the table, lay out clothes for tomorrow, do the dirty
    dishes pack lunches, put the things you use for your budget where you’ll see them, etc.}
  3. Then take time to write your thoughts, gratitude, and ideas down in that very same notebook.
    {You may even get a better night sleep, experiencing how well this works and want to do it every night}

This is known as an evening routine it should only take 15 minutes or less. As you get into this habit it will become so simple for you to manage. Plus it might turn into something like; walking/putting on your shoes/ talking, most of these things get done on a daily basis without even realizing them being done.

The second system is your morning routine.

Let’s get talking about your current morning routine how does it look? Is it working for you? What would you change about it if you could? If you don’t have one can I ask, why?

Those are some of the clarifying questions that I used to get my morning routine in gear. You are free to use them too.

Here’s an example of how I enjoy starting my day now.

  • First thing in the morning play some music, read something inspirational, or look at happy pictures. The idea here is that it’ll light you up and get you excited the very first thing in the morning.
  • After that is done get ready to face your day by going over your outline from the night before. Preferably before your family wakes up is best, because I bet this is probably the only quiet time you possibly get in a day.

The reason behind this is; when you let them wake you up, you’re giving away control of your day to them. When that happens you can guess where the day is headed, say hello Chaos…

Then what to do next is follow the outline that you wrote down the night before. {Sounds simple right} as you go throughout the day if something worked & worked well right it down.

When surprises pop-up write those down too, what you did about it, or even how you felt when it happened. You’ll quickly learn what works best for your family & you.

There’s just something about writing things down that help you track and remember them.

Overtime as you implement these systems evening & morning + adjust according to what you find works best. You will not only make your life less chaotic but I bet you’ll be able to relax & enjoy the life you have more!


Whitney is a blogger from Utah. You can find her lovely blog at

Whitney is a family orientated blogger who enjoys posting recipes, meal planning tips, and many tips on how to organize your life.



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