How to Save & Stock up for Holidays a Year in Advance!

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Guest post from Lindsey at And The Kitchen Sink 


How to Save & Stock up for Holidays a Year in Advance!

You can still enjoy the holiday seasons without digging into your savings account or running up a ridiculous credit card bill. It will take some planning ahead, but I assure you the savings are indeed worth the wait.

Stores have incredible pre-holiday sales every year. However, after the holidays is the perfect opportunity to snag great deals on seasonal decor, egg dye kits, wrapping paper, even pumpkin carving kits. You can decorate your home with beautiful decorations and stock up every year for a fraction of the cost!

Last year, I went just two days after Halloween and was able to get two pumpkin carving kits for less than $1. Both kits were originally marked at $3.99 a piece the whole month of October. After Christmas, I was able to get a $50 advent calendar for $12 and wrapping paper for less than $2 a roll!

Cookies, cake mixes, chocolate, and some other foods get special packaging during the holiday season. Keep an eye out, because these items will get marked down quickly! I bought a pink cake mix after Valentine’s Day for $1.50 including icing. The packaging is what expires, not the food.

Chocolate bunnies, egg dye kits, and Easter basket goodies can get expensive. But with a little bit of creativity, you can enjoy the season frugally. The secret? Shop after Easter sales for the following year. Easter dresses, plastic eggs, and other decor will all go on sale after Easter. For example, Walgreen’s has Easter items for 50% off right now! That is including candy, and there are also some CANDY COUPONS available to make those items even cheaper!

Last year, I bought an egg dye kit for .30 not even 12 hours after Easter had ended. I’m not recommending storing chocolate bunnies away a year in advance, but Valentine’s day sales are a great place to get discounted candy.

You will be able to snag deeper discounts as more time elapses, but the selection will decrease. Make sure you’re buying what you’ll definitely use next year and not just because it’s cheap! If you weren’t going to buy it anyway, then you’re not then you won’t be saving by buying it now.


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