Money Saving Hacks for the Frugal Traveler!

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You can see new places without spending a fortune, if you’re on a budget or a frugal traveler, here are some hacks that might help you to save some cash!

Money Saving Hacks for the Frugal Traveler!

Most of us want to travel or travel more. Seeing new places in the world is one of the best ways you can spend your time- it opens up your eyes to new destinations, people, cultures and spectacular scenery. It allows you to see and experience things that you simply never would if you’d stayed home.

Plus, it’s fun too. We all work so hard and life is busy and chaotic. Sometimes, a break and some fun times can really bring life back into balance. However, one thing that holds so many of us back from just getting out there and booking a trip is the money, and admittedly it can be expensive.

However, there are ways you can see new places in the world without needing to spend a fortune, if you’re on a budget or a frugal traveler, here are some hacks that might help you to save some cash.

Work while you’re away

Working while you’re trying to travel might not seem like the ideal scenario. However, if you want to go and explore a new place in the world and you’re going to be gone for a number of weeks, doing some work on the move could help to tide you over with money.

If you have a side hustle that you enjoy, it won’t necessarily feel like work but will give you some much-needed cash.

For example, if you’re a blogger or a Youtuber, you could keep producing content while you’re away and earning money through views or sponsors, this site explains the best way to go about it. You’d only need to spend an hour here and there getting it done but would allow you to cash in.

If you’re a freelancer, doing a project from a freelancing site again would give you access to some money and it’s something you could do in the evening before bed.

Another option would be to get a temporary job abroad- it would teach you new skills and be something completely different. It would allow you to earn money, and then in your spare time, you could spend doing whatever you wanted.

If you want to travel for many months then this is a realistic option. Lots of tourist areas look for reps, entertainers, bar staff and more during the high season.

Volunteer abroad

Lots of places in the world are in need of human resources and manpower. When you volunteer, not only are you helping a good cause but it allows you to travel without much money. Volunteering programs can provide you with accommodation and food in return for a number of hours a week work.

It could be a chance to see a place in the world that you’d never previously thought of visiting, and while it’s not your typical getaway it will give you valuable life experience, allow you to do new things and look great on your resume!

Look for deals and discounts

We live in a digital age, with everything we need being online it makes it SO easy to compare things like prices. So run some searches, look for deals and discounts. Whether it’s a last minute deal or a bargain package vacation, shopping around really can save you money.

Take cheap flights for example, if you search around and look for deals you can fly to another part of the world for next to nothing.

Sure, you might have to change part way through the journey- you can’t expect to be rivaling the world’s fastest plane spoken about here

However, for a little inconvenience you could save an enormous amount of money, and be able to see a new destination for far less than you thought.

Consider camping

Camping is cheap and cheerful, and with so many campsites or areas suitable to pitch a tent dotted around, it’s something you can do in just about any location in the world. It’s a great way to get back to nature, and you don’t need to spend much at all.

Buy some supplies from the grocery store and you can cook on gas camping stoves or on a barbeque or bonfire.

It’s a nice, active getaway, this article highlights some of the things you can get up to.  You can ride bikes, go orienteering, fishing, hiking and bird watching. You can teach skills to your kids as well as get them away from their screens.

Whether you’re down the road from where you live or in a different country, camping is a good way to go when you’re on a budget.

Consider a staycation

Have you ever put much thought into the place that you live? Chances are you take it for granted, but why not see it through the eyes of a tourist? Instead of jetting off abroad, hop on a train, coach or bus and go to another place in the country that you live.

Visit museums and galleries that you’ve not been to in years. Go on a guided walk and visit the tourist hotspots.

Maybe you’re surrounded by beautiful countryside, perhaps you have beaches nearby or maybe you’re in the heart of a vibrant, bustling city. Book a couple of days of work and spend it having a staycation.

You could hire a barge boat, stay in a budget hotel or pitch a tent, staying away from home will make it feel like a ‘proper’ vacation. Since you’re not far away, you could even bring your dog with you- something you can’t do if you go abroad!

Stay With Friends or Relatives

Do you have friends or relatives who live in a different part of the world? Going to see them means your accommodation is covered, you get to visit loved ones and explore a new destination too.

If you’ve met friends on your travels, going to stay with them would be another option, Thanks to social media it’s easy to keep in contact these days, and it’s very possible to able to build genuine friendships with the people you’ve met across the world.

You could go and see them one year, and then the next they could come and see you. It gives you both the opportunity to travel as well as host and allows you to maintain the friendships you have built.


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