How I Feed my Family for Under $2 at Aldi Series: Part 1

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How I Feed my Family for Under $2, Cheap Healthy Meals, Meal Planning, Save Money on Groceries, Cheap Grocery Shopping, Aldi Meal Plans, Cheap Recipes

How I Feed my Family for Under $2, Cheap Healthy Meals, Meal Planning, Save Money on Groceries, Cheap Grocery Shopping, Aldi Meal Plans, Cheap Recipes

How I Feed my Family for Under $2 at Aldi {Series Part: 1}

For about 6-7 years I had been researching how to save the most money on groceries possible. I was tired of going to the store without a plan and spending a ton. I needed an effective way to get groceries for much much cheaper.

First I came across “extreme couponing” and I was intrigued. I am sure you have all seen the show on TLC and probably have thought “How do they do that?!” I thought the same thing and was determined to figure it out. I did tons of research and learned how to coupon. I didn’t go as extreme as the people on the show did, however, but I got close and saved lots of money! I thought I had finally cracked the code to the secret of saving money on groceries.

After couponing for a while, I realized how much work is involved with clipping coupons. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally worth it, but after becoming a first-time mom, taking care of my new baby took priority. I realized that I just did not have the time nor the energy to clip coupons anymore. So I began shopping the sale ads. I would find the cheapest items that were listed on sale and compile meals with them. It worked great and really helped me to stay on budget.

But then eating the same sale item meals got old after a while. I wanted to try new recipes. I wanted to be able to buy the foods I wanted to buy, not just what was on sale. So that is when I developed the 10 Step Guide to Ultimate Grocery Savings. I sat down one evening with a pen and paper and was determined to figure out a system to save the most money at ANY grocery store before even using coupons. Ever since I developed this simple system, I have used it every single time I go to the store. With using this system at Aldi, I am able to feed my family for just under $2!

I have so many meal planning ideas and strategies as well as cheap (and healthy!) recipes to share, I thought it would be a good idea to start an entire meal planning series!

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In this series, I will be telling you all about my meal planning system and how I shop. I talk a little bit about it here:

I will also be sharing HEALTHY recipes that cost under $2 per serving like this one:

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