How I Feed my Family for Under $2 at Aldi Series: Part 4

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How I Feed my Family for Under $2 at Aldi {Series Part: 4}

If you are new to this series, make sure you check out PART 1 HERE first!

For this part of the series, I will be talking about how to save money by cooking from scratch and some of the cheaper ingredients that I purchase for doing so.

How to Get a Loaf of Bread for Under $0.50

Did you know that you can easily make your own bread at home? Don’t worry, there is no kneading or big flour mess involved! Sure, if you love to bake you can definitely make, knead and roll your own dough for the oven but I am not a baker and am all about convenience with my cooking so I am going to show you a way to avoid the hassle if you are like me.

You will need to get a bread machine. There are MANY awesome bread machine options pretty much anywhere that sells appliances. You can get a super basic one or a super fancy one. You can get one that makes a small loaf or a large loaf. There are so many choices! I personally love these:

I suggest hitting up your local thrift stores and yard sales first to see if you can find a nice used one. I got mine from a Facebook sale group for just $10 and it had only been used once!

There are SO many different bread machine recipes on the internet. If you just google “Recipes for Bread Machine” you will find tons of pages of results. This is my favorite go-to recipe for simple express baked white bread baked and ready to eat in just an hour: Bread Machine 60 Minute White Bread Recipe

Basically, all you have to do for any recipe is just put the ingredients in your machine in the order they are listed, close the lid and select the setting. It mixes, kneads, rises and bakes for you all in the machine! You just set it and forget it.

You can also make fancy things like bagels, big soft pretzels, croissants, and more. Most bread machines even have the capability to make homemade jam!

Aldi has flour and yeast for very cheap and one bag of flour will last you about three loaves of bread, so you will be saving a lot of money, as one bag of flour costs about as much as one loaf of pre-made bread. It breaks down to about $0.49 per loaf!

Check out this awesome bread slicer made specifically for bread machine bread: BakeWarePlus Compact and Foldable Baking Bread Loaf Slicer

And these storage bags are really convenient to put your home baked bread in. They are just like the bags that store bought bread comes in: Bread Loaf Bags Pack of 100 with 100 Free Bread Ties

Make Your Own Mixes

Did you know that you can make your own mixes for things like pancakes, brownies, cake, muffins, spices and more? It is really easy and much cheaper than buying the boxed stuff! Check out these lists of awesome pre-made mixes. You can get all the ingredients at Aldi for very cheap and you just put them in baggies (also at Aldi) and stack them up in your pantry!

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