Simple Dishwasher Hack That Will Save you Time and Money!


Simple Dishwasher Hack That Will Save you Time and Money!

Let me set the scene…

You just did a load of dishes in your dishwasher so it is currently full of clean dishes. You just got done eating and cannot put your dish in the dishwasher because it is full, but you are not going to unload it right now for just one dish. So you instead put the dish in the sink.

Repeat this a few more times and add family members doing the same, and now not only is your dishwasher full, but your sink is also full as well! When you finally empty the dishwasher and do another load, the cycle starts over.

It is like the pile of dishes is breeding! You feel like you are constantly doing dishes with no end in sight. A few nights a week, just the very sight of the full sink of dishes will launch you into “forget it!” mode and you will want to order out or go through the drive-through because you are just too tired and hungry to wash the dishes AND cook.

Sound familiar?

It does not have to be this way! In fact, there is a very simple hack that you can do with your dishwasher in order to never really wash your dishes again! Yep, NEVER REALLY WASH YOUR DISHES AGAIN. Plus, you will save money in the process because you will not be getting take-out all the time in order to avoid adding to the mess of never-ending dirty dishes!

Here is how:

Step 1) Get motivated. This first step is the toughest but it will allow you to never see a full sink again. Wash every single dirty dish in your house. Do load after load or even hand wash if you prefer until every dish is clean and put away. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but this will be the last time you really ever do your dishes again.

Step 2) Now that all of your dishes are clean, your dishwasher and sink are completely empty. It is a nice feeling, right? Well, let’s keep it that way! From now on, every time you dirty a dish, rinse it completely and put it directly into your dishwasher. Do not put any more dishes in the sink!

Step 3) Once your dishwasher is completely full, put in the soap and run the wash cycle. The best time to do this is at night before you go to bed but if it fills up before that, no problem!

Step 4) Unload your dishwasher and put away all of the clean dishes every morning to start with an empty dishwasher for the day. Then just continue steps 2-4 and that’s it!

Follow these simple steps and the only “washing” you will be doing ever again is rinsing your dishes and putting away clean ones. Sounds a lot better than dealing with a sink full of icky dishes right?


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