The Best Time to Shop for Deals

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The Best Time to Shop

Did you know that there are certain times that are the best for coupon shopping and grabbing awesome deals? Read this post to find out the absolute BEST times to shop for saving the most money and grabbing the best deals!

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Late at night

A lot of stores will switch their sales over late at night and there will be about an hour during the switch where you can take advantage of BOTH sales – last week and the current week. The drug stores sales switch over late on Saturday evenings and most grocery stores switch their sales over late on Tuesday evenings. I would suggest calling your local stores to see when their sales switch and if they allow this “double-dipping” hour.

Early in the morning

It is a great time to get all of the best coupon deals early in the morning when the store first opens on the first day of the new sale week. That way you can make sure to get all of the deals that you want because if there are other couponers in the area, sometimes they like to clear the shelves and you could miss out.

At the beginning of the month

New printable coupons are available at the beginning of the month and some other great coupons tend to reset their print limits at the beginning of the month so it’s a great time to print out all those new coupons and be one of the first ones to grab the freshest deals. You can print all of the free printable coupons here!

After holidays

The best time to shop for holiday items is after the holiday is over! After Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. holiday items need to be sold fast to get rid of inventory so they price the items super low. I have seen holiday items go for 90% off! 

During sales cycles

Certain items go on sale about every 6 weeks or so and around certain times of the year. For example, you always see a lot of bbq and grilling items go on sale during the summer. If you wait for these sales cycles you can get items really cheap to add to your stockpile! The trick is to get enough items to last you until the next sales cycle. Read more about stock up during sales cycles HERE


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