5 Tips For Saving Money On Beauty Products

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5 Tips For Saving Money On Beauty Products

There are a wide array of beauty products out there, along with a wide array of prices. And naturally, it seems as though the better products are also the more expensive ones. So does this mean that those on a budget must resign themselves to inferior products or constantly being in “makeup debt”? Not necessarily.

1. Rethink Your Shopping Strategy
Where are you shopping for cosmetics and other beauty products now? At a pharmacy or big box store? A considerable amount of money can be saved by shopping online, and products are delivered directly to your door. Have you ever battled traffic and crowds to go to a store to pick up an item and discovered that it was out of stock?

Online stores can keep much larger inventories, and when they are out of a product, you can learn this without driving fifteen miles out of your way to do so. With online shopping you also get retailer and product variety, in addition to the same discounts and coupons that brick and mortar stores offer. And online stores carry the same popular products that their physical competitors do, like EOS Lip Balm, an already reasonably priced beauty product.

2. Get A Subscription
Offered both online and in some department stores, “sampling services” or “subscription boxes” allow users to get full and sample sized containers of beauty products every month. Some of these products are brand new, some are the latest hot thing, and some are old favorites.

Subscription fees run around $20 per month, and the value of the products sent are at least double that amount. Some sampling services allow members to skip months without fees or penalties as well.

3. Less Is More
If you don’t have to use as much of a product, then you can save money on it. It is a myth that you have to shampoo every day. Your hair will be both healthier and better looking if you can go a couple of days without washing it.

In fact, hair experts say that hair looks its best a whopping four days between washes. And does your makeup look chewed up as the day goes on? Try mineral makeup which stays on much longer when applied, and needs less heavy application to begin with.

4. Go “Green”
Companies spend a lot of money on packaging. They make up for this by charging customers extra for it. But an increasing number of manufacturers are offering “reusable” beauty product containers, meaning that consumers only have to buy the product itself with future purchases.

5. Make It Yourself
Cucumber “therapy” to treat baggy eyes. Honey conditioning treatments for your hair. And raw egg facials to revitalize tired skin. The “grocery store” approach certainly works, and can save you big bucks, too.

If you’d like to try such methods, use them sparingly at first until you’re sure allergic reactions won’t be a problem. And make sure to follow application directions carefully, as overuse of some of these foods can dry out your skin and scalp.

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