10 Life Changing Cleaning & Organizing Hacks!

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10 Life Changing Cleaning & Organizing Hacks!

For some of us, cleaning is actually pretty enjoyable. Not because we necessarily enjoy the art of cleaning (however there are a few who do) but we love things being clean! Anyone who has ever cleaned their home before knows that cleaning can be really time consuming, and some days it can take a miracle just to push through. Here are 10 life changing cleaning and organizing hacks that will transform your home.

1. How to Make your Faucets Shine Naturally

Lemon can be a really powerful cleaning agent, and it will do wonders on your kitchen faucet. This method is a lot cheaper, and you don’t have to deal with the chemical smell of harsh cleaners! Cut a lemon in half and give your faucets a good rub down. Let it sit for just a few minutes, then rinse well with water.

2. Add a DIY Lint Box to your Laundry Room

Where there is laundry being done, there is lint. If you don’t have a proper way to dispose of it, then you’ll likely find it all over your laundry room. Make your own lint box for the laundry room and dispose of your lint in just a few seconds. Here is a tutorial for making one with a cereal box!

3. Add an Eat First Box in your Fridge

Refrigerators can easily turn into a wasteland of forgotten food. Catch perishable items in your fridge before they expire by adding a “Eat First” box near the front of your refrigerator.

4. Organize your Tupperware

Don’t let your collection of leftover holders get out of hand! With so many different sized bins and lids, it won’t take long before your tupperware gets out of control. Start by grouping bottoms together, then stack the lids vertically using a plate rack.

5. Get Rid of the Odors Coming from your Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal starting to get a funky smell? Try using these DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaning Cubes from One Crazy House. Using the rinds of leftover citrus fruit, chop them up into little pieces and fill your ice cube tray, then combine the thieves oil and vinegar together in an ice cube tray. When your disposal chops up these cubes, it will help clean the blades. Another reason your sink can stink is due to getting behind on washing dishes. It happens to the best of us but no worries, there is a Dishwasher Hack for that!

6. Prevent Water Stains on your Faucets

Help make your faucets more resistant to water stains by rubbing wax paper over your faucets after they’ve been cleaned. This method works best on faucets with chrome finishes. Other finishes may have coatings that can be worn off when rubbed with wax paper.

7. Use an Old Pill Bottle to Store your Hair Pins

When you’ve finished using your pill bottles, don’t throw them away! These are great containers to hold small items such as hair pins. You can use scotch or washi tape to help decorate them.

8. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Skip the expensive drawer dividers at the store and make your own! Using the drawer as a guide, use a marker to mark the edges on each side of the box. Then, using a box cutter, cut the boxes. Using wrapping paper, wrap the box and attach it to the drawer using double sided tape.

9. Disinfect your Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush can get dirty pretty quickly. It is probably one of the top germ infested products in your home. To help keep germs at bay, and to keep your brush smelling nice, pour a small amount of disinfectant into your toilet brush holder.

10. Clean your Glass Stove Top

Glass stove tops are one of the hardest to clean. Make your stove top shine with just three ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, dawn, and baking soda.

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