How to Save the MOST Money Shopping Online!

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How to Save the MOST Money Shopping Online!

If you are like most consumers, you tend to do a lot of shopping online. There is just something about having the ability to make purchases without ever leaving your home that is super enticing!

Online shopping may be convenient, but did you know that you can also find great savings while shopping online? Sometimes you can even save MORE money by purchasing online than you would making a purchase in the store!

Here are 5 great ways to help you to save the MOST money shopping online:

1. CASH BACK: There are a few programs that that actually offer CASH BACK on purchases that you make online! They are super easy to use also. With most of them, you just sign into your account, make your purchases from your favorite online retailers and get cash back in your account within a few days or even immediately!

After doing some careful research I have discovered the top 3 cash back apps that will be the most convenient to use and will bring you the most savings:

  • Ebates: This program is super easy to use and offers high percentages of cash back on purchases. Plus, often they even DOUBLE their cash back offers! Also, for a limited time you get a FREE $10 just for signing up and using their free program! All you do is login, choose your store, click shop now and you will earn cash back on any purchase you make with your selected store. SIGN UP HERE to get your free $10 and start earning cash back!
  • This program is very similar to Ebates (see above). They also offer high percentages of cash back on purchases. They also offer special offers quite often so it is worth signing up for a free account to see which program will give you the most cash back. They also offer extra cash back quite often. You can SIGN UP HERE.
  • ShopTracker: This program pays you gift cards for shopping on Amazon. You just need to sign up, take a quick survey,  install the free app and login when you do your Amazon shopping. They will track your purchases and pay you accordingly. Plus, upon signing up you will earn a $3 Virtual Visa Reward instantly within minutes! Download the ShopTracker App to your PC or mobile device and link your online shopping account. This can be completed every 30 days. SIGN UP HERE to get your free $3 gift card now.

2. COUPON CODES: Most of all the online retailers will offer coupon codes to help you to save money on your purchases. Some retailers even offer multiple codes that can be used together in order to save a bunch! Unless the retailer advertisers these special codes, or you have the inside scoop, you may not know where to find them. That is why I am a huge fan of RetailMeNot! RetailMeNot is a website and mobile app that brings you all of the reported coupon codes from thousands of retailers in order to save you the most money online. You can use their search feature to find a specific retailer that you plan to shop from so that you can see if they have any extra savings you can take advantage of. You can also browse through the most popular coupons online to find hot deals.

3. FREE SHIPPING: There are actually multiple online retailers that always have free shipping. There are also retailers that have special promos for free shipping, or offer coupon codes for free shipping. Most of the time these free shipping promos can be combined with other offers as well! A lot of stores also offer a free “store pickup” service where they will ship your item to your local store’s location and you can pick it up there for free. RetailMeNot (listed in #2 above) has an entire page devoted to stores that have free shipping. You can check it out HERE.

4. REWARDS PROGRAMS: Many stores have rewards programs that give you cash back, special discounts, points that can be redeemed for discounts etc. and it really helps to save when shopping online! Here are a couple of my favorites that have saved me a bunch:

  • Shop Your Way: This is by far my most favorite rewards program because it is so incredibly easy to use and redeem! With this program, you earn points for shopping online (and in store!) at Sears, Kmart, and Lands’ End that can be redeemed for cash to use on your next purchase! A bunch of their items include cash back points so they add up super fast! Plus when you sign up through my link you get special discounts and cash back sent directly to your email inbox from me! SIGN UP HERE.
  • Target Red Card: I absolutely LOVE this program! With the Target RedCard, you get an extra 5% off plus FREE shipping on every purchase through! You can also get 5% off your in-store purchases with this card. SIGN UP HERE.

5. CLEARANCE: Shopping the online clearance section may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many times people forget to check there first! I have found that most online stores have a pretty amazing selection of clearance items for super cheap! If you are not picky, a little trick to save even more money is to sort the entire clearance section by lowest price so you can score some really awesome savings!

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